In respects to doing business with us, recruitmentbaze allows you to advertise all your products and services with us. We are here to meet your targeted customers and show your services to the right audience. If exposure is all you need for business, branding and you wants to make more sales from your offer do well to reach out to us.

Please do note; we only accept and publish ads that have been screened and evaluated. Any ads placed by us on this platform should be related to our contents (entertainment) for a better result.

We serve different forms of banner sizes and each of the sizes comes with their prices. Our service is moderate and affordable. We offer one of the best exclusive services you can ever think of;

  • Selling of Musical Beats
  • Selling of Your songs
  • Song Promotion
  • Professional Musical Branding
  • Musical Artwork Designs
  • Selling of professional Musical Course Etc.

Duration for Advert:

Our services last, starting from a 30 days plan upward. After the stipulated period you have paid for your advert, we will add an additional one week free promo plan for you. This is done in case you would love to continue the promotion. And if you don’t want to continue advertising with us we will bring down your ads and render the slot vacant for other advertisers.

When you think of advertising, think of

Send us email with the word ‘advertise’ to us using Contact Us on Whatsapp; (+234)9044823426

We are looking forward to doing business with you soon.