Here at we are here to provide valuable contents to the general public as regards entertainment.  Also, we are here to build, mold and inspire new and existing artist as well as musician who might one way or the other feel discourage and wants to give up on their dreams.

Being an entertainer we know the process involved, it is not always easy but persistency and continued process is all that will help with hard work and being focused.

We have outlined our main aim and objectives to suit everyone who needs help/assistance one way or the other in building their career as an artist/musician. The main aim and objectives of this website are:-

  • To teach and educate the upcoming artist on how to write a quality lyrics
  • We are here to inspire you to greatness by updating you on the right way to follow
  • At the end of the day you will discover how you can make a living and pay your bills even without the help of a record label.
  • We will teach you on how to become a professional artist and sale worldwide.
  • If creating a huge fan base or followers is your concern, is rest assured that you shall be guided through.

We have provided you a lot of free lyrics you can practice as a new artist who is learning the art. We have also decided to coach you in whatever angle we can to help you build your dreams. Recruitmentbaze is divided into 4 categories specifically into the following:-

  • Musical Hints
  • Branding
  • Free Lyrics and
  • Movie/Musical Reviews

The website is owned by Edidiong Ekpo, a blogger, writer, internet marketer and artist from Nigeria. Being an experience artist for about 8 years now, I am pretty sure that the information provided here on this website is capable of helping you and leading you to the right direction.

Feel free to contact us, talk to us at any given point in time. Share your taught on the comment section and we will do well to keep in touch with you, by answering all you questions as soon as possible.