FUTO post UTME past questions and Answers PDF Download 2021/2022

Any candidates who want to get admission into FUTO, Federal University of Technology, Owerri; should be informing that, getting into this school is not a childs play. Get this FUTO post UTME past questions and Answers PDF Download because, there are thousands of people coming to be students of this great institution and for your name to appear in the admission list you are the one to decide.

Also if you want to come for the post utme screening next year then don’t bother to even read this post because it will not make any sense to you.

This page has been drafted out for only those set of candidates who wish to get admitted into Federal University of Technology, Owerri. But there is something you need to do. You need to read your FUTO post UTME past questions and answers.  If you don’t have it, then gives us a call to find out how to purchase it right now.

If you open to page 12, 4, 16, and so on… you will see some of those questions that got repeated. Like the one of 2017 got repeated about 8 questions. Then year 2018 repeated the same thing in 2011; that should be in question 2, 9, 1, 23, 25,etc.

Now, a lot of thses questions got repeated and it is what has helped a lot of candidates. Come on, you don’t have this FUTO post UTME past questions and answers and you are still sitting down? This is more that past question. It is equated to expo, that is why they do bnot give you guys this futo aptitude test past questions to take home.

Candidates Eligible To Seat For FUTO Post UTME Screening Test And Exams

Here is the deal, we will have to close this offer soon. I mean, you cant go into the screening hall without knowing what you are going to be asked and expect to come out with flying colours. There is a very big difference between having the past questions and reading your book.

When you have the past questions you know exactly what you will be asked directly but if you read your books you are reading at random. You don’t even know what you are reading.

For you to be eligible and secure you name on the admission list at University of Ibadan there are few things you must be aware of;

  • You are required to have had at least 5 credits from either WAEC or NECO
  • Your SSCE results should not exceed two sittings
  • As an SSCE graduate who wish to purchase admission at UI; you need to have at least a credit or pass in WAEC/NECO
  • Those who made FUTO their first choice have greater chances than those who made the school second or third choice.
  • To be eligible to Seat for FUTO Post UTME Screening Test and Exams, this year; you must register for the admission screening on and before the stipulated deadline.

What Is FUTO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Now I am very excited to discuss this with you. It is like asking what is a project or why do we need to do projects before you graduates.

Now for projects, it is a finally summary of what you have learnt so far in school. If you can pass projects then it is certified that you are ready to succeed outside there – make money for yourself and live a better life.

Without drifting away from what was the bone of contention here, I want to let you know that UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is a perfect aid to securing admission into University of Ibadan this year.

It will expose you to previously asked questions over the years at University of Ibadan post UTME screening exercise.

You have 100% chances of getting admission with this study aid –TRUST ME.

How FUTO Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Will Help You Get Admission

  • It will expose you to top most asked questions at University of Ibadan (UI) post UTME SCREENING exercise.
  • You will get to find out the exact nature of what is been demanded and
  • BUK past questions will guide you on how to successfully answer though questions
  • Getting this past question now will give you 100% chance of getting admission. This is an automatic ticket.
  • Another reason why you need this past question is that, it has carefully provided ONLY CORRECT answers to the questions asked. Handled by competent lecturers of reputation.

It is a must for you to see your name on the admission list, with our original FUTO Post UTME Past Questions, whether the devil likes it or yes.

Call to Get This Past Question now on: 09044823426 | edidiongekpo2020@gmail.com

FUTO Post UTME Past Questions And Its Subject Combination For Science, Arts And Commercial


There are a lot of courses right now, we cannot go on to list all the courses here at the moments. So what we do to save your time and our own time is that; whenever you call us to buy, we will ask for the course you are going to study at University of Ibadan.

Once you pin us the course, we will arrange a perfect combination that will secure your admission right away. That is that for now.

Various Types Of FUTO Post UTME Past Questions

FUTO post UTME past questions and Answers PDF Download

We have just two types of Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for University of Ibadan and I will be explaining them below for effective and better comprehension.

This will help you to decide based on your own interest of which one to buy.

  1. Softcopy
  2. Hardcopy

FUTO Softcopy Post UTME Past Questions and answers is a type of past questions that is downloadable as a documents file into your phone or computer (Pc or Desktop) to be used or carried anwehere on the go.

Basically, we went to the school and made a collection of all the post utme past question from start till date. We then typed it, edit and corrects, provide answers to questions asked. We have taken a lot of risk to secure this past questions and it is not easy okay.

Tye fact is we would not have given it out, but we had a lot of pressure already and we came to see the reason of helping candidates from far and within Nigeria secure admission into University of Ibadan (UI).

For the FUTO Hardcopy Post UTME Past Questions and answers here is exactly what it is; this is the type of past question that comes in a booklet form, you can easily touch and feel it as any other book. But this is beyond every other book. This book will determine your admission. It is the only admission aid to securing admission.

You are now left with you and your decision to choose which one is suitable for you.

Softcopy is handy, wherever you go. You can easily miss this book where you are going. Reading physical books in an unpleasant environment will make it look somehow okay.

Anywhere make you own choice.


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