Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download 2021/2022 (Updated)

Live from recruitmentbaze, we present to you Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions; If you MUST be admitted into Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa, then you MUST have a copy of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. Let me tell you the bitter truth, if you don’t have a copy of this FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions then you will fail.

I did not say you ‘might’ fail or that you ‘may’ fail. Mind you might and May are silly words in this context and it is for silly people. Who are silly people? Silly people are those set of people who does not actually like taking action for things that are important. Rather they can spend their money/resources on worthless stuff.

Just imagine someone who goes to club, drink, and hangout spend a lot on what will not bring in money or of value. And then wakes up to go for exams the following morning, as if he or she is the one setting the exams or if they will be the one marking the script as well.

Now, why do you need to get a copy of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?

Very good questions and I must confess I love people who are dam interested in investing on their dreams. This is a very positive move. And also I must congratulate your courage for being here and you will be getting the best from us soon.

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Why You need Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

The following reasons are responsible for getting Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions;

  • You will be guided on topmost asked questions and answers by Fuotuoke exams board.
  • This past question will expose you to the nature and pattern of Covenant Post UTME screening test and recommended methods on how to answer them most effectively.
  • Fuotuoke Post UTME past Questions and Answers will give you a chance of getting admission to study any course of your choice by 1000% and more.
  • With this past questions, we have presented a carefully solved answers from the questions asked and they are accurate and complete. Answered by the most competent lecturers.

What will Happen If You Fail to Grab Your Copy of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?

I don’t love to be negative, but I am sorry to say this now… I really pity those who do not take action immediately. What will happen is that; you will have to come back next year for the screening test (YOU WILL FAIL).

Former president of Nigeria president Olusegun Obansenjo (forgive me if I don’t get the correct lettering) once said and I quote “Education is not For the Poor”. Whether you agree with him or not, there is a truth in what he said. Is like saying, if you don’t have a job, you can’t afford a good school for your children. Now a job could be self-employed or working for someone. Don’t forget the other word good, just think on it.

What You Need To Do In Other to Get Admission into Fuotuoke This Year

You have to purchase the original Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers from us. Yes we are the main sellers of original past questions of any form. It took us so much and a high level of risk to procure those past questions and we are here just to help (not your money). No, we are offering value that’s all.

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See below to find out how to buy the Original CU past questions and answers.

How much is Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Basically I don’t go for price and that’s the truth. I go for quality. When you have a quality product you are confident no matter how much the product cost. I had to sell my hp laptop and get a brand new Mac Book 2019 I did not procure it because I want to show off or something. I bought it because of the quality and the content it has to offer okay?

I want you to do so, go for quality.

We sale our original Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for as low as; 5,500 Naira.

There are basically two forms of CU Post UTME Past Questions which is; The HARDCOPY and SOFTCOPY.

The HARDCOPY CU Post UTME Past Questions cost a flat rate of 10,000 naira, shipped to you within Nigeria and you get it within 24hours depending on the period of order.

This hardcopy is in a booklet where you can feel it, touch it physically and use it whenever you need it. The SOFTCOPY CU Post UTME Past Questions cost a flat rate of 5k like ascribed above.

How to Use the Softcopy CU Post UTME Past Questions and answers? This past question comes in a downloadable PDF format. You can easily download it to your phone, laptop or computer and use it. Basically you can carry it around 24/7 inside your phone – in the bus, events, I mean everywhere. You need an android device or IOS (Iphone).

How to Buy SOFTCOPY/HARDCOPY Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

There are only 4 ways of getting this past question and they are;

  • You will get this original covenant past question via your email address
  • We will forward it to you through whatsapp instant messenger
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  • Getting of the hardcopy cu past questions will be through waybill/Transportation

You need to make a deposit of just 5,000 Naira into any of the below account;

Account Details:

GT-Bank Account Details

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After payments, please follow the below guidelines to see how you will get this past questions.

How to Download Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

To download the Covenant post Utme past question you are to follow the below procedures;

  1. After you have made a deposit of 5,000 Naira into the above account details. Or 10,000 Naira for the Hardcopy. The next thing to do is to; give us a call to confirm your transaction.
  2. Next step to take; text us the course you’re paying for and the school you are going for admission. Also include your email address/whatsapp number so we can forward the past questions to you immediately.

Duration and Delivery:

  1. Softcopy: cost 5,000 Naira. Get Within 10Mins
  2. Hardcopy: Cost 10,000 Naira. Get Within 24hrs

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Sample Copy of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Below are some of the sample copies of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. We have provided them as a proof, so you could also know what it looks like before purchasing.

Like we say, you can only BUY original Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers from us if you must get the best out of it and secure your admission this year.




  1. (A) fullscap (B) foolscap (C) fulscap (D) Foiscap
  2. (A) perseverance (B) perservarance (C) perseverance (D)
  3. (A) sorvinir (B) souvenier (C) souvenir (D) Souvenire
  4. (A) momento (B) memento (C) mormento (D) Mementor
  5. (A) mischievious (B) mischivous (C) mischievous (D)
  6. (A) dormant (B) domant (C) durman (D) Doomant
  7. (A) bureaucracy (B) bureaucracy (C) burreacracy (D)
  8. (A) aestetic (B) aesthetic (C) easthethic (D) Aestetic
  9. (A) accessory (B) acesory (C) accesory (D) Assessory
  10. (A) abattor (B) abattoir (C) abattoir (D) Abatoir
  11. (A) ballustar (B) ballustar (C) Balluster (D) Baluster
  12. (A) attrition (B) atrittion (C) atrition (D) Attrition
  13. (A) corroboration (B) coroboretion (C) Corroborassion (D)

Select the wrongly spelt words in these question

  1. A. disappointed (B) embarrassed (C) equipped (D)Rhythm
  2. A. occurrence B. surprise C. personnel D. Possess
  3. A. quiet B. believe C. precede D. Opportunity

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Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) underlined

  1. Mr. Agu was most flexible in his instructions A. rigid B.
    correct C. Stiff D. Upright.
  2. The university has offered temporary accommodation to
    its staff A. popular B. permanent C. recognized D.
  3. Mary complained that he slept on the coarse floor A.
    smooth B. rough C. bad D. Harsh.
  4. Tony was one of the spectators at the concert A. ushers B.
    judges C. Guests D. Performers.
  5. The Governor decline to give audience to the journalists.
    A. Ignored B. Accepted C. Forgot D. Rejected.
  6. The debtors husband is liable for his wife’s debts A.
    Unanswerable B. Responsible C. Unquestionable D.
  7. The lotion recommended by the doctor soothed Chinwe’s
    aching toot A. Calmed B. excited C. Worsened D.
  8. The sun cast its shadow on the wall. A. Reflection B. Rays
    C. Substance D. Resemblance.
  9. He was locked up for a week. A. released B. Punished C.
    remanded D. Locked out.
  10. The lady acted courageously when thieves attacked her. A.
    Shyly B. Fearlessly C. severe D. Sour.
  11. To most people last Christmas was an austere period. A.
    Prosperous B. Hearse C. Severe D. Sour.
  12. The chief was generous in his award of university
    scholarship. A. Noble B. honest C. mean D. Garrulous.
  13. Chidi is naturally taciturn. A. Friendly B. dumb C. Lively
    D. Garrulous.
  14. He is loved for his altruism. A. Sincerity B. benevolence
    C. Kindness D. Selfishness.


  1. You are free to leave the hall. A. at an advantage B.
    opportune C. At liberty D. Right.
  2. The discussion will surrender their loot to the customs
    officials. A. Give away B. Give out C. Given in D. Give
  3. The discussion become animated when the professor came
    in. A. Specialized B. Lively C. Intellectual D. Unruly.
  4. Rich citizens are often niggardly in their ways. A. beggarly
    B. Sordid C. Miserly D. Pompous.
  5. The musicians popularity is beginning to decline. A.
    change B. Wane C. Side.
  6. A temperature of 20°c is the same as: A. 36°F B. 65°F
    C.11.1°F D. 25°F.
  7. Three 5 0hms resistance connected in parallel have a
    potential difference of 60v applied across the combination.
    The current in each resistor is: A. 4A B. 35A C. 12A D.
  8. An object 1cm is placed on the axis 15cm from a
    converging lens forms an image 30cm from the lens. The
    size of the image is: A. 0.5cm B. 2.0cm
  9. When the vapour of a substance is in equilibrium with its
    own liquid, it is said to be. A. Gaseous B. liquefied C.
    saturated D. Diffused.
  10. Which of the following statements is correct? The reading
    of pressure on a mercury barometer is independent of; A.
    the atmospheric pressure B. the cross sectional area of the
    tube C. The density of mercury D. the density of mercury.

Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry Questions and Answers

90.A car moves from P to an average speed of 90k111/II and
immediately returns from Q through the same route at a
average speed for the entire journey. A. 55km/h B. 60km/li
C. 67:50km/h D. 75km/h.

  1. In a school 220 students offer biology or mathematics or
    both. 125 offer biology and 100 mathematics. How many
    students offer biology but not mathematics? A. 95 B. 80 C.
    125 D. 110.
  2. The time taken to do piece of works is inversely
    proportioned of the number of men employed. If it takes
  3. A trade bought goats for N4,000.00 each. He sold them for
    N 180,000 at a loss of 25%. How many did he buy? A. 60
    6. 50 C. 45 D.36.
  4. A 5.Og of salt was weighted by Amaka as 5.1g. what is the
    percentage error A. 20% B. 2% C. 1% D. 0.2%
  5. Find correct to one green, black and place 0.24633/0.306
    A. 0.8 B. 1.8 C.8.0 D.8.i
  6. A basket contains green, black and blue balls in the ratio
    or 5:2:1 if there are 10 blue balls, find the corresponding
    net ratio when 10 green and 10 black balls are removed
    from the basket A. 1:1:1 B. 4:2:1 C. 4:1:1 D. 5:1:1.
  7. Factorize completely (x+l)2 —(2x+2)2. A. (x+1)(x+2)(x-
    2) B. (x-l)2(x-2)2 C. (x+1)2(x+2)2 D. (x+l)2(x-2).
  8. A student calculated the means of numbers as 45.3 while
    rechecking his working, he discovered that his total as
    short by 0.05. What is the correct means of the five
    numbers? A. 24 B. 41.2 C. 49.4 D. 65.8.
  9. A man bought a second hand car for N250,000.O0 and
    spent N70,000.00 refurbishing it. He then sold the car for
    N100,000,000.99. What is the percentage gain? A. 20% B.
    25°h C. 32% D.60%.

Call to Get This Past Question now on: 09044823426 | edidiongekpo2020@gmail.com



  • 1. C 2. C 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. C 11. A 12. B
  • 13. B 14. A 15. C 16. D 17. A 18. A 19. A 20. A 21. B 22. A 23. B 24. A
  • 25. D 26. B 27. A 28. C 29. A 30. A 31. A 32. A 33. C 34. D 35. D 36. D
  • 37. C 38. B 39. C 40. B 41. B 42. C 43. B 44. C 45. 46. B 47. C 48. C
  • 49. D 50. D 51. C 52. 53. D 54. Solution 55. C 56. C 57.B 58. C 59.C
  • 60. C 61.C 62.D 63. B 64 C 65.C 66.A 67.C 68.C 69.C 70.C 71.D
  • 72.C 73.D 74.B 75. A 76.A 77.D 78.A 79.D 80. A 81. B 82. C 95. B
  • 96. A 97. C. 98. C 99. C 100. None Solution

Where will Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Exercise Hold?

Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Exercise is going to hold at the school compound of Fuotuoke at Ogun State (Otta).

Candidates are to appear on time. For those of us that will travel miles from other states down here to write the Post UTME Screening test, we beckon on you to either go a day to the exams or device means of getting there on time.

We are saying this because, things might change. But whatever is the case we will see how we can updates you hopefully.

What is the Official Post UTME Screening Cut-Off Mark for Fuotuoke Admission?

The Official Post UTME Screening Cut-Off Mark for Fuotuoke Admission is primarily influenced by your course of study. Professional courses will always have a high cut-off mark.

Though the official JAMB cut off mark for admission is set at 180; you must know that it is not the same with universities, polytechnics and colleges. Just as all these institution of learning have their set mark?

You need to score higher if you must get this admission. There are a lot of people pursuing this admission just like you. And how do you beat your competitors? It is for you to understand and make use of this powerful tool – Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

When is Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Exercise?

Currently as we are now, the official date for Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Exercise has not been provided. It is u unknown for now, once this information is available, we will let you know.

Though normally, it will be after the candidates have registered for the screening exercise and the registration deadline has elapsed before the school authorities will come to a head discussion for a fixed date for Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening.

Meanwhile, prepare ahead using our original Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. The important of this past questions and answers cannot be overemphasized.

That’s not all; before you get admission into Fuotuoke you need to prepare yourself or son/daughter well by giving them a study/learning tool to assist them by boosting their admission status by 100%. Buy Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for them and see signs and wonders. Call us 09044823426.

Required Items Accepted During Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Exercise?

You are not expected to go with any material. But you can go with a pen and a pencil only. Your phones will not be accepted.

Most of the times you might be given a computer based test (CBT) so you are required to answer them correctly, summit it once you are done.

Is There Any Specific Dressing Code For Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Candidates?

There is no specific dressing code For Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening Candidates. Be it as it may, you are required to dress decently not indecently. Remember the way you are dressed is the way you are addressed.

Wear an official clothes and look like a human being not like an animal or someone from the bush. Fuotuoke is known for their all round excellence be guided.

Why Candidates Fail Fuotuoke Post UTME Screening?

  1. If you don’t register the right course of study
  2. When you don’t prepare well making use of Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers
  3. You need the right mindset
  4. Having a personal self believe is of outmost importance
  5. If you don’t pray committing the exams into Gods hand; like say na you wan mark am J

And many more reasons. There is no other sure way than having University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. Why we emphasize this is because it is what works and you should be very sorry and blame yourself if you fail.

Your children might blame you if they don’t get admission this year. Think about this for a moment and decide if you are going to disappoint them a s a father or mother. For me, I will feel so bad and I such thing can never happen. Let it be that they are the ones who failed to study the past questions (Fuotuoke Post UTME Past Questions and Answers).

Call to Get This Past Question now on: 09044823426 | edidiongekpo2020@gmail.com


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