ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download 2021/2022

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi is going to conduct their aptitude test screening Exercise for all candidates who wish to be a student’s of the school. Now to be successful at the screening, you need to have a copy of ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers okay?

Also take note; if you have sat for the JAMB CBT Test then you are eligible to partake in the admission. Another thing you will need to have is your West African examination ssce certificates or results.

For the above ssce results, you need to know that your 5 credits point is required okay. Then another educational certification or qualification you will need to have is the NECO certificate i.e the National Examination Council papers.

ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download 2021/2022

Information for Candidates Outside Bauchi States

If you do not leave in Bauchi then this information is going to help you. Now, I will feel the same way you are feeling right now, especially for some of us who have not been to Bauchi State before. Bauch is one of the northern states of Nigeria okay.

If you are going to seat for the post UTME screening exams or test, here is what you need to do;

  1. Contact the school to find out when you are having the screening. This is to confirm the exact date okay.
  2. If your having the aptitude test on Monday, try and be in Bauch state by Saturday or Sunday. Make a walk to the school environment and make some enquiries as well.
  3. On that exact Monday, eat very well but not in excess. Then, go early to school. Doning this will guide you and exposed you to things you need that you have not done.

Please listen to this, there are things that are affordable to just give away your money; take for example someone brings an office flat file and ask you that you are required to get it in putting your credentials to presents.

Never see it as an offense, if it is affordable buy it, you never can tell. If your not comfortable then make more enquiries. How will you feel going into the exams hall just be sent away for incomplete items.

Recommended Study Aid for A Successful University of Bauchi Post UTME Screening Exercise


If you look at the headline of this post, that is the title of this blog post. You will find out that the description is about “ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers”

There are a lot of candidates who are not aware of this fact. What facts, now listen to me carefully; we have help a lot of candidates to secure their admission through this past questions. Last year we did same, year before last we did same and many years in the past.

Does it mean that if you buy this past questions that you will get admission. The bitter truth is YES. Now let me explain;

  • Who will not love to get a past question that he or she will get to see the questions that will be repeated and asked during the University of Bauchi post UTME screening exercise?
  • Will you not to love to get to see the pattern and ways those questions are been asked.

This past question is like an expo and it will indirectly secure you admission. Fpor those who does not have a copy of this past questions I pity them so much. Now if your lucky to read this, you have no excuse for failing okay.

How to Buy ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

We recommend that you give us a call on 09044823426 now to secure your own copy right now. To buy this past question, after you might have called us and inform us that you want to buy, we will sent you our bank account details to make payments to.

You will be asked to send us your course of study, with the school you’re going for and then we will forward the ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers to you.

Procedures in getting Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University post UTME past questions and answers are as follows; through whatsapp instant messenger or via your email address.

There are two forms of ATBU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers which is the softcopy and hardcopy.

For the softcopy, you will need to download it as a pdf file from your whatsapp or email. Once we confirm your payments we will sent it to you instantly within 10mins.

And then, the hardcopy Bauchi past questions is in booklet format. You will get it from waybill or road transportation system.

give us a call on 09044823426 now!!!


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