Things to Avoid Doing during Interview for Job Application (Etiquette)

We’ve provided great interview content, but we’re going to learn about some job interview etiquette for today’s lesson. All the casual mistakes you unknowingly make have to be stopped. I’m going to show you some of those errors that you don’t think are important. But it really does, you can be penalized for a very little thing, all right? Now, for the Job Application Interview (Etiquette) see the list of things to Avoid Doing below.

Things to Avoid Doing during Interview for Job Application (Etiquette)

1.      Showing Up Late for Interview:

So we can have a look here, our first one here is showing up late. The time you appar for interview is really important. That will decide how your commitment to the work will look like.. Well for me it is not acceptable and I am quite sure in any civilized society it is prohibited.

All you got to do is to wake up early to prepare and move. You don’t need to appear on a late period because the reason simply is that; there is an allocated time to be spent on each candidates.

And it would instantly plant a seed in his head had you been late, that you are a person who does not plan things well. You should only plant positive thinking in his head. With time, he might think there is no need to employ a job / business killer. So please be alright on time.

2.      Keeping Your Cell Phone On:

Turn off you cell phone. This is an important period that will help restructure your life. In no way should you allow your phone to ring during interview section.

Its annoying more if your phone rings and you answer it right there. Even if you should walk out, it means that your done with the interview. You need to be very careful.. Hey hello, long time, how you been…Oh hang on I’m in an interview, let me just call you back okay? All right I’ll talk to you later, bye! Just imagine if this happens, it is so disrespectful, and if you were the interviewer, how would you feel. Just be honest with yourself.

Such acts will make him reason if you came from the interior village. Either you put it outside the interview room or you shut it down. So it’s really important right to observer some common pitfalls. Hope your following me enough. Well now let’s look at another aspect below.

3.      Making Use of a Limp or Sluggish handshake:

Look at another one here at limp handshake. Now what’s a limp handshake? You know how women use to shake right? In this regards it is not accepted. It should not be so dull but a bit firm.

Anyone who shakes a hand slowly or softly seems intimidated. This is really essential; Try to establish eye contact while shaking hands. Don’t look down or look somewhere else. Be audacious and confident in yourself.

Make the handshake warm and firm and do not make it strong. When your handshaking appears too strong, it means that you are trying to weigh his or her power. This practice is not healthy at all.

4.      Not Being Interactive:

You need a good communication pattern to be able to have a better flow in communication. Also chat storm in a friendly way, because if you keep quite they will storm you with tons of questions.

When you talk too much, you make the person interviewing you speechless and might assume thats going to be your attitude once you are employed. He’ll be so bored, so stop there okay. Before you open your vocal cavity to answer any question asked, you should ensure you think about it very well.. So before the interview, you are required to plan ahead of time by conducting your own personal research by just doing this; just go on the website see what the company is about, what they are into, okay.

So you need to be well-prepared for your interviews. The below information will further guide you.

All right! Now take note of these; The person interviewing you is not your wife or your play mates okay? Try as much as possible to give a little distance between the two of you.

Important Mistakes:

Avoid random talking trying to be too familiar with the person conducting the interview. Don’t say stuff like i went to club last night and stayed till about 4am in the morning. And as soon as I woke up I came for interview here this morning. Not the best thing to do and i do not advice you either to do it.

5.      Ignoring Body Language:

Another one here is ignoring body language. What do you communicate with your posture? All you need to do is to seat erect and give a smiling face, even if you never want to. Especially women, women have a tendency to slouch.

You need to sit up straight and you need to have a smiling face. If you were the person recruiting, tell the truth will you pick a person who has a negative mindset towards things? So just keep smiling, be confident.

6.      Playing With Your Hair/Nails:

Never you play with your hair. All this is quite a negative signal okay. Do not cross your limbs, just put it straight, maybe on your lap or on the table. You need to know that posture is very important.

7.      Extravagant Dressing (Overdressed/underdressed):

Don’t make your dressing questionable okay! Your dressing should basically not be lousy. That just doesn’t look professional okay. Some people use a wide strong fragrance. Be minimal while applying your perfume, it could be offensive.

Men will go well with suit. Make it look normal and not extra or too much. Or maybe a dark blue or a black suit would be just perfect. Fit yourself with either a long tie or boa tie on your neck. Appear neat and mature.

White shirt and black trousers or skirts will go well for both men and women. And also make sure that your nails are clean, they’re well manicured okay! Nobody likes to see these dirty nails, dirty black nails.

It is not a club or a party ground, you should not appear as a rock star, rapper or singer. You only have about 30 minutes for interview and not a daily stuff. I believe in standing out from the crowd.

8.      Not Showing Gratitude:

The next one is not even giving thanks here. There are folks already who would just send text messages such as this-hey, thank you, thank you for taking my interview or having the chance to learn more about your business. That’s not at all professionalism. We aren’t doing that. There are individuals who would just use these new free messaging apps that you know like whatsapp or any other free messaging apps, that’s not okay either.

A professional or a formal email is important. Kindly cherish the efforts spent on you by the interviewers, as well as thank him for giving out the data or sharing more company information. So thank you, please, and please don’t just go extreme miles or overboard. A professional formal email would be just perfect. It should be a thank you email that’s about it (the interview).

In Summary:

These are the mistakes that you need to avoid; Shake firmly but don’t overdo, by so doing your sending a confidential signal to your interviewer. If you keep quite for a long period of time it is not an healthy practice to carry on. Do not ignore body language in any wise, watch your interviewer and suggest what he or she is having in mind. Simple thank you message to your interviewer will go a long way in helping you secure the job. Use a polite manner of approach and mean it from your heart.

The final note on this was on Things to Avoid Doing During the Job Application Interview (Etiquette). Kindly make sure your steps are correctly guided from the beginning and after your interview and I’m sure you’re going to shine to success I’ll be back soon with a new lesson so that you take care of and have a great day.

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