Npower Health Recruitment Requirement 2021/2022 and Application Process | Form Portal

It’s great to have you on another job offer on npower health recruitment requirement 2021/2022. Are you glad to be here, just make some noise and wave your hands if you are excited.

Wow! I love that. So basically today you are going to learn about the various requirement for npower health empowerment programme ranging from the highest qualification needed for this job offer today.

Npower Health Recruitment Requirement 2021/2022 and Application Process | Form Portal,Npower Health Recruitment 2021/2022 Requirement Application Portal

It is no more news that, npower programme is a federal government of Nigeria scheme to bring out a lot of people from unemployment and poverty syndrome.

I think npower itself has empowered about 1,000,000 – one million Nigerians so far if not more. If you have challenge applying for npower health recruitment programme then there are other recruitment articles on our websites for you to apply today. All you need to do is to follow the application Process and apply on the recruitment portal.

I love breaking down things for easy comprehension and I want us to quickly look at what health recruitment programme is all about?

What is Npower Health Recruitment All About?

They say health is wealth and of a truth it is. If you are not healthy then you virtually do noting, I mean noting. Now the Nigerian government has come out with another form of npower programme under the npower scheme and they call it “Npower Health Recruitment”.

This npower health recruitment is a type of recruitment programm where selected and qualified applicants shall be trained on how to handle health challenges. You shall be trained to become a health community worker.

You will also be sent to rural areas, to assist in handling of health related issues like polio vaccination, malaria prevention, sanitization and awareness on health creation.

So who and who are qualified as we speak to apply for npower health programme? Without further delay, see below for the complete requirement for Npower Health Recruitment.

Npower Health Recruitment Requirement 2021

  1. Academic Qualification/Certification:

To qualify for npower health recruitment you need to have at least gone to an health institution of learning. Aside the official higher institution you are also expected to have at least a little experience in health related issues and must have know how to treat certain common sickness and diseases. Knowing those things will not only be a stepping stone in saving human life but as an added advantage.

BS.C and other health certificates accepted.

  1. Mode of Identification Process:

When you hear of mode of identification, what should come into your mind first are stuff like voters card, national id card and or drivers license. Yes that is what is needed of you as mode of identification. But do note that it is only one of the 3 mentioned above is needed. I hope you can take my words to the bank for that.

  1. Age Rating:

It is really pertinent that you are of the required age for employment in nigeria. No matter what the case is you should be at least 18 years of age, othrwise if you are under age you will not be accepted. It is questionable to apply for npower agro recruitment or any other recruitment and you are like 15 or 16 years. For me I will ask you when you started school. Nah it is not ideal!

Let us check the next requirement.

  1. Religious Requirement:

There are a lot of religion people worship and you are at liberty to that, it is your right as a free moral agent to choose what you want to worship. For you to be accepted into the npower agro recruitment you must belong to any of these two religion – Christian Religion and Muslim Religion.

  1. Health Certification:

You’re expected to be health stable and fit for this employment; you can’t b sick and then claim to cure others. There are sickness that are so chronic in nature and if you move with it to where you are been sent as an health worker, it is believed that you might spread it to others.

Go get your health certificate from the hospital and present.

Other Requirement:

  • Passport photograph with red background.
  • Correct and working phone number and email address.
  • You must be a Nigerian.
  • Don’t have any criminal record.


This empowerment program is meant for only graduates from Nigeria.

How to Apply Npower Health Recruitment Requirement 2021/2022

You are to visit the official npower health recruitment portal via to apply for this recruitment.

On the portal, you shall be asked of your email address and there are places that you wil need to upload your documents. You must have scanned those documents and keep in your flash, TF Card (Memory Crad or Sand Disk) or any data storage and retrieval medium so it could be easy and readily accessible.

A Wrap:

This is how far we can go on Npower Health Recruitment Requirement 2021/2022. Follow the npower Application Process for a successful npower health registration.

If you ar up to 18 years, you have a valid id card, degree and other health certificates then you can go ahead and apply for npower health recruitment today. If you do not have all of them let us lnow the ones you have through the comment box and we will see if as much as possible (if possible) to give you an alternative on it.

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