NIPOST Recruitment 2021/2022 – Application Portal

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NIPOST is Nigeria most wide used shipping platform and here on this page you are going to be provided information on NIPOST Recruitment 2021/2022. Nipost have been providing a lot of jobs in Nigeria.

This is not an international recruitment, NIPOST job openings are only for people who is and resides in Nigeria. Before you can secure a job at NIPOST you must observe all the recruitment process. The have various roles like hiring manager, clerical staff, delivery agents etc.

Let me once again welcome you to Nigerian Postal Service recruitment of this year. NIPOST Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form Portal is done online on their websites.

Latest news about Nigerian Postal Service Recruitment is that you must be up to 18 years of age to apply or else you are not qualified. The official Nipost Recruitment Starting Date and Form will be disclosed to you in just a moment.

Nipost Recruitment 2020 Application Form wants you to have either Primary six, WAEC or Neco and other higher degrees if you care. NIPOST Recruitment Form is available specifically only on

NIPOST Recruitment 2021 how to apply is very simple, w made mentioned of some of the academic qualification and now the non- academic qualifications include federal government of Nigeria official identification IDs.

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Jobs in Nigeria can come up at any time, it might be once , twice, so we can’t say or be specific. Complete the NIPOST Application Portal form and summit all required details.

NIPOST is in charge of NIGERIA PACKAGE TRACKING and Parcel Monitor and even Nigeria Post Tracking. All Nipost Parcel & Shipment Delivery has been handled.

NIPOST Recruitment 2021/2022 – Application Portal

What NIPOST Recruitment is All About

Nipost only recruit only qualified and eligible applicants. NIPOST is here to help Nigerians get jobs as well as making delivery quick across Nigeria.

Latest Vacancies at Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is for all unemployed Nigerians. How to apply is by registering via the nipost website. What are the Requirements for NIPOST Recruitment Form 2021? The requirements have be provided below, just scroll down.

If you are asking when is the Closing Date for NIPOST Recruitment Portal 2021 it is going to be in the night – more details about that has been given as you read on.

Historical Development of NIPOST

The Postal history is from the 19th century in Nigeria. In 1852 the British Colonial Masters set up the first post office. It was considered part of the postal system in Britain. He was an employee of the Post Office of London and until 1874 this occurred.

In 1887 the Royal Niger Company (RNC), which actively participated in the country’s economic activities, developed its own postal network at Akassa, 1891 at Calabar, 1891 at Burutu and 1899 at Lokoja, when the Past Office became a full-fledged department. (1862)

NIPOST Recruitment Requirement 2021

nipost recruitment requirement

  1.  Whatever field of study/discipline and certificates from an existing institution is honoured, B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND
  2. Candidates shall not be older than 35 years
  3. West African School Certificate (WASC) or SSSC with credit for a total of two (2) other subjects, in three (3), including English, at least one pass; or
  4. National Examination Council (NECO) or General Education Certificate (GCE) Ordinary level with passes for four (4) subjects obtained in one or five (5) subjects obtained at two sessions, including the language of English).
  5. ND received from an institution who have been acknowledged from the federal government of Nigeria perspective educational authorities will be accepted including National Education Certificate (NCE) or Advanced General Education Certificate for two ( 2) subjects, earned at one session or three ( 3) subjects at two sittings.

Good luck!

NIPOST recruitment Registration date 2021

The official NIPOST recruitment Registration date stars when it is out and announced by nipost okay. You are to be updated with current news about nipost recruitment. Subscribe to this site to gt more insight.

NIPOST recruitment screening date 2021

All screening will commence soon. Nipost Screening date will be after all registration process has been closed. All candidates will be invited to respective centers, venues and locations closest to the area you said you are from.

Example Ikeja, Lagos. It will be around your state. You will not have to travel down to Abuja unless you put your location or state as Abuja.

NIPOST Recruitment Examination Date 2021

Examination date for nipost recruitment hasn’t been announced yet. Check your email from time to time to get updates from nipost.

NIPOST Closing Date for 2021 Registration

NIPOST Closing Date for 2021 Registration comes in the night – final day of closing and it will be around 11:59, just 1 minutes difference (12pm) in the night.

We hope you will not come here to this site, and after reading all our guidelines you are being left out. Please register on time for nipost recruitment to avoid unnecessary sever crowding.

Ask us questions on whatever you don’t understand and we will guide you. Be aware that all comments are moderated before approved in our site. Spammers are not welcomed here.

NIPOST recruitment application form 2021

NIPOST recruitment application form is an online form that needs particulas about you.


  • your name –first name, last name, middle name.
  • Nipost will require your DOB
  • Needs your email
  • Residential address and so on

Just a quick tip guys!

NIPOST salary structure 2021/2022

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has an annual salary of 65,506 Naira. We got this information from about Six Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) workers. The functions of the officer include accountant, managing officer, engineer, operations manager, personnel assistant, postal officer, etc.

How to Apply for NIPOST Recruitment 2021/2022

If you want to apply for nipost recruitment, follow the below guidelines to contact nipost for proper guidelines.

  1. E-Mail Address:,

  1. Application site:

NIPOST ikeja Address and Postal Code Number

Ikeja ZIP code: 100271 (streets 154)

All Lagos Locations will be brought to you soon.

NIPOST customer care Number

Nipost Customer Service Lines:

08079037402, 08115638660, 07055991758, 09087100378, 09092995114, 09092995115

Does NIPOST work on Saturday

The Pickup service enables the customer to call any post office within two hours to collect and deliver his mail to a desired address, either by phone or by some other form.

The service is delivered Monday through Saturday. Speed and reliability are the benefit of the service when hand-to-hand control.

Where to buy NIPOST recruitment form 2021

Nipost recruitment form is free online. It is available via nipost websites. Ignore and take anyone who is selling the form to you as a scammer.

What is NIPOST Recruitment portal

The nipost recruitment portal is you can visit and apply for this job. Dos NIPOST track parcel after shipping, they might and might not it all depends. How to track an item on NIPOST Easily is to contact nipost and inform them of what you want them to do for you. That way it will help.

Nature of NIPOST recruitment Exams 2021

This type of exams is usually conducted online; it could be verbally answered or written like exams or aptitude test in a hall. Be prepared for it so that whatever medium they want to use, you can always get through successfully.

Oh I almost forgot, you don’t have NIPOST recruitment aptitude test past question, why not pick it up by calling us or send an email to us. It will give you and edge over other applicants who don’t have it. You need a job and you must do whatever it takes to get it.

Is the NIPOST recruitment Result 2021 out

Once it is out we are going to inform you guys. We will give you a list of candidates who have been chosen for the job.

NIPOST recruitment Result 2021 will be documented in pdf file format so you can read it up carefully at your own spare time. How do I check my name on the NIPOST recruitment Result pdf list without android phone? Chill we are here for you. Actually, we shall bring out all those names and convert it into text for screen reading. Whatever device you are using, you will be able to read it up.

NIPOST Recruitment application Deadline 2021

Deadline for this recruitment will be by 12pm exact day of closing. Once the Nipost recruitment portal has been closed, there will be no reopening. When it gets to some few days of closing, there are always a lot of things that happens from our observation.

It is either there is an over flow of people, dull network, or time out as well as 404 error. Mehn, those are some of the signs that it is almost closing. Many more updates on this will come your way.

NIPOST Recruitment Graduate Requirement 2021

Graduate Requirement will be for you to have met the academic qualification. Let us consider soe of the academic qualifications.

There are 3 stages of education recognized officially and it is 6-6-5. Primary school six years, secondary school six years and tertiary 5 or 4 years okay! This is as in the case of Nigeria, I might not be perfect on this; pardon me if you know it’s incorrect. You can always use the comment box to updates us. We are here to help you guys for good and you can always contribute to say thank you for the information in any way possible okay.

Let us now see some of the NIPOST Recruitment Graduate Requirement now.

  • WAEC/NECO/NABTEP results are welcomed – any of the mentioned three (3).
  • If you have your first school leaving certificates bring alongside with you – your primary 6 cert.
  • ND/HND certificates candidates who have graduated can also apply their results.
  • BSc, PH.D and the rest can apply.

I haven’t heard of js3 results to be a common phenomenon. You can try, you might be picked. Sometime when they see that you are the only person to apply with that kind of cert you might get surprise to see yourself working with them.

In this life there are two types of opportunity, the one you work for and God favour. Isha allah, make I no preach o. I know you know all this, it is just a reminder.

NIPOST Recruitment Non-Graduate Requirement

This non graduate requirement is also used by the graduate as well.

  • You will need to have primary six.
  • Voter’s card is needed or any other recognized ID cards you have including driver’s license.
  • Your passport photograph is required.
  • Email address needed and phone number.

The below information is coming your way shortly:

  • How Does NIPOST charge on products and Services
  • How NIPOST official Logo Looks Like
  • What is NIPOST system all about?
  • How Long Does It Take NIPOST To Deliver In Nigeria?
  • Nigerian Ports Authority Salary Scale Format
  • NIPOST Organogram Structure
  • Where Is NIPOST Headquarter In Abuja

A Wrap:

NIPOST recruitment 2021/2022 has been discussed here and we have taken time to discuss this topic for better understanding and application. To apply for NIPOST recruitment, you must first meet her requirements which include being from 18 years of age and having either a national ID card or voter’s card before one can apply for this recruitment.

NIPOST Recruitment Non-Graduate Requirement will require you to have primary six, being the lowest of lowest. For the NIPOST recruitment for graduate you need to have either of WAEC/NECO/NABTEP or BS.C as well.

Do subscribe to get more information about this recruitment now below. Drop a comment if you think it has been helpful and click on share with friends now.

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