Commonwealth Scholarship Application Guide for Masters/PhD Applicant

We will be basically talking about one of the world’s largest and most prominent international scholarship programs. I ‘m talking about the Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan that has been around since 1959 and has awarded more than thirty-five thousand scholarships and fellowships to people since its inception. So now I’m presenting to you the Commonwealth Scholarship Application Guide for Masters/PhD Applicant.

Around 800 scholarships, as well as postgraduate program fellowships and career advancement for Commonwealth residents, are awarded each year by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Award. Throughout this study, we will have to talk more about Commonwealth Scholarships for Masters and PhD studies for low- and middle-income Commonwealth nations at UK universities.

Commonwealth Scholarship Application Guide for Masters/PhD Applicant

Commonwealth Scholarship Application Eligibility:

Initially, who’s really qualified for the Commonwealth scholarship application?

  • You must be a citizen or legal resident of an eligible country in the Commonwealth.
  • Hold at least the upper and second class first degrees
  • Individuals who have no money for college

The Commonwealth scholarship is an adequately funded scholarship which takes care of your charges for tuition, flight tickets to and from the UK. We take care of your living allowance, clothing allowance, and your TC’s and study travel grants.

All academic disciplines are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Commonwealth.
Applications that explain strong relevance to the development of the applicant’s home country will therefore be given preferential treatment.

It’s a 12-month program for master studies and the six months for a PhD study. There are two links for the master’s program and for the PhD program to apply for the masters program. So whatever you’re going to apply for, you have to go to the designated page to get more details there, either for masters or PhDs.

Eligible International Countries:

Botswana, African countries, Cameroon, Nigeria , Kenya, Ghana and a few other african nations are among the eligible Commonwealth countries listed okay. I will be able to apply for either a master’s or a PhD scholarship.

Your to apply through one of the designated nominating bodies for your country in order to apply for the Commonwealth scholarship. Each country now has specific nominating bodies that are able to nominate scholarship applicants.

Relevant recommendations and rules for applications may be available to each nominating body. And they may also have specific eligibility criteria that are specific to them. And they might even have their own specific closing deadlines as well.

In Nigeria , for example, the nominating institution is a federal scholarship board, and they entail that applicants have completed their National Youth Service.

And as such you offer your great country with a medical fitness certificate, whether from Ghana, Kenya as the situation could be. If they have specific requirement, you have to find out from your nominating agency. And you must as well apply to study at a UK university, which is separate from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission agreement.

Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Partnership Process:

So, in accordance with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, you can find a list of important universities on this page. So one way to do this is to first choose three universities and the course of study that you want to apply for. Should have requested, and a passport photo.

Your academic transcript, your university certificate, your birth certificate, whenever and wherever necessary. If you have already obtained a letter of admission to the University of the UK, you should have this in your possession as well.

Presently, what it is you are applying for, masters or PhD, the term process is a similar process. Go to the electronic application scheme, then apply. And note that the application you are submitting will be sent to your nominating agency through the electronic application system.

How to Apply for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

  1. Choose the application portal.
  2. Users should go to the new register to start.
  3. Choose a new user and fill in the details and
  4. Go to the next one and fill out the additional details, too.
  5. You click on submit registration after filling this out.
  6. Then it will take you to the page with the application.
  7. You then choose what you want to apply for and launch the application.
  8. Your country is selected on the next page-so now you can select your nomination agency.As such, you could see that the federal scholarship board is the main nominating agency for Nigeria. And there are universities as well, but you’re better off choosing the federal scholarship board for most candidates. And then he chooses what you are applying for, which is a valid case, and then clicks on the next one. So on, under speech, it’s pretty much what you have field for best personal information, so you check to see if the information is correct before moving on to next.

Registration Continues…

·         Stage Number 9

Make sure you feel that on your application you have all the necessary information in the page. On a certain section, in your higher education qualification, there is a place where you feel. So, after you’ve completed this page, click on the next one.

·         Stage Number 10

This ends up taking you to the second stage of your career once again. And up to 30 jobs you’ve kept up to date should be listed after that. And for personal statements – here’s where you write a personal statement of not more than 300 words. You can save, leave and return to continue at any time. Is why you have stopped or have your request revised?

Give it your best shot, write it down and write a proper personal statement for your personal statements. That’s because, whether or not you win this scholarship, this would influence your application a great deal.

As such sum it up how you have empowered your personal background to make a contribution to your country’s development.

·         Stage Number 11

Then afterwards, you will also talk concerning your voluntary balloon experience and leadership during the next stage. This is now more like a continuation of your specific statement. So in this scenario, you are more centered on your experience of volunteering and leadership.

You would need note that the majority of scholarships are very interested in voluntary applicants. They are very interested in people who give themselves to the community with leadership and service. So think about a time in your life and your college education that you did something that showed leadership or voluntary experience. Move on to the next phase, then.

·         Stage Number 12

That’s where you feel during this stage: is English your first language? Your English you rate. But it’s good, though I know that in some cases you may be deficient. In most instances, some UK universities require you to offer IEls or your TOEFL score in English. But there are cases in which this is waived, depending on the country where you have been studying. Some universities have an English language test for their candidates.

·         Stage Number 13

And you’ll need to focus on providing up to three references on the next page. After you have submitted your application, this is the only part you can edit. You can always go back to your reference at the end of this application. So your referees will receive emails after filling out this reference manual because you provide your email addresses. When you’re done filling in your application with these parts, they’ll send you an email again. And then, they will receive an email prompt with a link in them (your referees) instantly to add a reference to you.

To see if anyone has responded and who hasn’t, you can always log back in. And you can always edit and re-send their email address. Filling out the referees section of the application is another reminder, too. But if, for any reason, you are a referee and you are unable to fill out the application form online, then you can see or fill in an email on the screen. You can fill it out and send it to that email, the same email on the screen, by printing the referee form. And you’ve got to send it with the email address you got from the spotter.

Did you send it to another email address, this would not be accepted by your referee. And yet your referee must be able to view the application online in most cases and it would save all the stress for everyone.

·         Stage Number 14

And you’ll need to focus on providing up to three references on the next page. After you have submitted your application, this is the only part you can edit. You can always go back to your reference at the end of this application. So your referees will receive emails after filling out this reference manual because you provide your email addresses. When you’re done filling in your application with these parts, they’ll send you an email again. And then, they will receive an email prompt with a link in them (your referees) instantly to add a reference to you.

·         Stage Number 15

After that, you pick or state your goal for sustainable development. A number of them are there. Choose the the three in that order which are most representative, and then you consider moving to the next.

Ok then, so I’m trying to show you what you’d like to understand about the future plan / future career plans objective. During the career prospects, in the next five years following the award, you must to state what your plan will be. You just need to state these things for your long-term career plan. There are only ways to break it down, and you give an idea to the selection committee, an overview of where you come from, where you are, and where you are going to be in the short and long term.

·         Stage Number 16

Here we move to the next one and you attach a scanned copy of your international passport, which shows clearly your picture, date of birth and citizenship. And afterwards your transcript from the university should also be scanned. When you already have this, your university certificate and offer of a place at the UK University should be scanned. Your identification number, yes, identification number, should also be noted.

·         Stage Number 17:

So next will be the checklist, as you’re reading, and all that. Choose to read it and choose your country, then pick everything you want. Then, you should save the PT PDF copy of your application so that the information you filled in is always returned and referenced, and also review your information on your application. The following is a strong recommendation.

Visitors go to print form to download it, then click print or ctrl+p, and save it then. So close after your application form has been saved. I would encourage you to go back and review your application and make sure your information is correct and no typos.

However when you know it’s all in order, you click on submit. You submit your application once you click on Submit. At the beginning of the application form, your application will be sent to your selected agency. Make use of this opportunity when you miss the application requirements that are offered each year.

In Summary:

Today we talked about the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission so far. And we specifically looked at the Masters & PhD Applicant Commonwealth Scholarship Application Guide. And I have completed 17 steps to be successful during the application process; you know that every year up to 800 applicants receive scholarships. If you have any further questions about this, please send them to the comment section or contact us by e-mail at Glad to be a part of the Commission’s Commonwealth Scholarship awards program.

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