DON’T Waste Your Time Writing Contents That WON’T Rank On Search Engines, WON’T Bring You Quality TRAFFIC (Website Visitors), WON’T Make SALES & WON’T Give You Quality LEADS!!!

Dear blogger/website owner,

When it comes to article writing, the first question that should come to your mind should be: will this article bring me money? Talking of which, I have a question for you which is, 

 As a blogger, how do you make money from the articles you publish on your blog or website?

Google Adsense right?…

Well, to be honest with you in 2020, if your articles are not offering any products or services for sale, at the end of the day such articles would be useless. Like I rightly mentioned, a lot of people depend on Ad Revenue platforms like Google AdSense,, Adquet, etc. to make money from their blog.

Most times, this is the sole source of income for their blogs. As impressive as this form of blog monetization is (doubtless, it has made many bloggers rich overnight), I did a calculation recently and found that if you could rank on Google or other relevant search directories you could make 10x  more than what your favourite Ad revenue network is paying you. 

In fact, you could be hitting yourself very hard if you knew that they are using you without you and your blog to enrich themselves while you earn PEANUTS!!!

So, let say that you are selling a product worth ₦30,000 and you could get it on the first page of Google using very simple SEO-rich contents. 


Let’s do the math – for 1,000 impressions, Google Adsense pays you about $1; but that same 1,000 impressions could land you 10 sales in a single day from your products. 


Let say you are selling a products worth ₦30,000 as earlier mentioned and got it sold to just 2 people in a day; ₦30,000 x 2 = 60k, now 60k should be around 200USD


But can you earn $200 in a day in Nigeria with 1000 Ads impressions given the present poor Google Ads CPC in Nigeria?




I hope you can see the difference clearly now.

Depending Solely On Ad Revenue Is Total Bull-shit!!!

Ad Revenue Is bullshit if you can’t rank and have something to sale on your blog. 

Why I’m I saying it is BUILL-SHIT? Let me explain: this is as a result of practical observation and experience. And from my wealth of experience I have come to see that there is too much competition already, such that, if you’re not on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing Search Engine(s) you can’t earn anything reasonable from revenue ads or products selling.

As it stands, I am sure you have ads or products you’re selling already. And perhaps it is still crawling, struggling to bring you the desired income you need right? And now you are wandering how people make a huge amount of money online while you go home with little or nothing to show for your effort.

Let me be open with you, I want to tell you what they did not tell you. It is a pity that you are not on the right track. YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING THE RIGHT PROCESS. Soon your domain and hosting will expire and you will shut down completely. After you might have taken such a silly mistake, do you know what will happen? you will become broke and broken!!! 

Later, you would start laying blames on yourself and on the innocent people around you.

The lies they told you

They told you lies about this system. For example, you must have been told that once you create a blog, start publishing contents, apply for ads and get approved, you will make money immediately.

What your guru did not tell you is that you will need to put your article on the first page of Google first to get huge, quality traffic where you sell your products and services to the people visiting your blog.

They never told you that YOU NEED SEO-RICH ARTICLES to help boost your ranking and bring you conversion.

They also did not tell you that if you must be at the peak of your blogging career and make money; you must never rely on ads but on the sales of your own products or that of others and get paid for it.

If you could link back to what I said earlier, you can now understand how much you’re losing to ads revenue programs. 

Now I don’t care about how much you have lost; all I care about now is the future. All I care about now is how I can help you to get back and recover all that you have lost in few days from now.


Who I’M I?

My name is Edidiong Ekpo. And I am an online internet coach/consultant and blogger. I have been working for the past 7 years (2011 – 2020) Creating Websites for myself and my clients, writing contents (articles) that rank and bring my clients traffic, sales, and leads.

Why Should You Hire Me?

  • As an SEO Experts, I will help position you on the first page of Google, so that your products and services will receive the maximum exposure that they need. With me on your call, paying for Google Ad, Facebook Ads, Instagram and any other Ads will be an OPTION and NOT a necessity!
  • Another thing I will do for you is that – I will increase your sales by 70% – 80% through my expert Search Engine Ranking Formula. By so doing, you will get your return on investment (ROI) within 1-2 months of my working with you.
  • I will write you original contents that will meet the best SEO practices with 100% Plagiarism output.
  • I will audit your blog and bring out mistakes and flaws and suggest possible solutions that will help you now and in the future.

If you have been battling with getting visitors/traffic to your blog then congratulations, you are just one step closer to archiving your goals.

Let Me Help You !!!

You could be wandering if I am fit for this, if I can deliver, if I am for real…

But wait for a second! I know you might be pondering and asking yourself:

If someone can give me a complete solution to content writing, SEO, boost your sales and bring you conversion on demand, where has he worked in the past and what are some proofs that he knows his onions?

Below are a few proofs of some of my service working on my blog, this blog you are reading now,

Keyword: “Npower Recruitment 2021/2022”; Position: #1 on Google

npower proof 2

Here is the article on my blog:

Screenshot of the article undergoing development…

Keyword: “Nafdac Recruitment 2021/2022”; Position: #1 on Google

Nafdac recruitment proof 1

Here is the article on my blog:

Screenshot of the article undergoing development…

Places I Have Worked (Past Clients):

Blog: https:

Link to my articles/profile:

shocking proofs writing articles for osazee

Blog: https:

I must not give you the whole world as proof that my works work before you make up your mind!

I have the solutions for your blog but it is up to you to take advantage of this offer or leave it and walk away.

Just know that time is ticking and is not waiting for you…

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